Have You Seen the APF DVD, Porphyria LIVE?


If you have not seen the APF DVD, Porphyria LIVE, you can order one today and get one free for your doctor or another family member.

On the DVD you will hear Porphyria experts Dr. Robert DesnickDr. Sylvia Bottomley and Dr. Karl Anderson as they make outstanding presentations on each of the porphyrias.  The doctors also take the viewer on a walk through their research laboratories and hospitals.  You will see laboratory technicians hard at work running porphyria tests and performing important research for improving diagnosis and treatment.

Patients with each type of porphyria are also interviewed at their homes and at the hospitals.  Among them are Ann Warnke and Karen Eubanks.  Ann, who has EPP, is seen out gardening, well covered to protect her from the sun. Karen is in the hospital bed receiving an infusion of Panhematin to stop an attack of AIP.

Patients' spouses are also interviewed.  Being a "caretaker" for porphyria patients is very challenging and important work.  The film answers most of the questions we hear when patients contact the APF.  You and your doctor or additional family members will hear the FACTSabout the different types of porphyria and will gain a greater understanding of the illness by watching this outstanding DVD,Porphyria LIVE.

To order the DVD for $20.00 (US Residents), please call the APF at 1.866.APF.3635.  Be sure to remember to give your doctor or family member's address as well as your own so they can receive their DVD for free.