Student Alessia Callahan Educates Classmates during National Porphyria Awareness Week


Thank you to all who participated in the National Porphyria Awareness week.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone that was involved in last weeks National Porphyria Awareness activities.  


The following is an example of one of the Campaigns one of our young EPP members Alessia Callahan does every year for Porphyria Awareness Week. We are so very proud of her.


Student Educates Classmates during National Porphyria Awareness Week.



Thomas E. Bowe student Alessia Callahan speaks to her fifth-grade class about Erythropoietic Protoporphyria during National Porphyria Awareness week.


GLASSBORO – Alessia Callahan faces challenges that other 11-year olds don’t even have to think about. While those challenges make her unique, her courage in facing them makes her extraordinary.  Read the full article here.


Stay tuned. We will be sharing more Porphyria Awareness campaign experiences with you in the near future.


Remember….Research is the key to your cure!