New Orleans Marathon~Rock 'n' Roll Race Day For EPP Disease!

2/2/2014 Training buddies: Polly Barton Harvard Family & Friends.  


APF member, Polly Barton Harvard is running for EPP.  Join me, Desiree Lyon Howe, in participating in her event.  

Here is what Polly has to say about running the marathon and why.


"I will be raising awareness for my wonderful daughter who has EPP.

I hope family and friends and others interested in porphyria will take a few minutes to donate, because it goes to the Protect the Future program to train young doctors as future porphyria experts.

Many thanks for your support and don't forget to forward this to anyone who might want to donate, too.  Everyone is invited to participate in this wonderful cause.  Please sign up today or contact to the American Porphyria Foundation.  866.apf.3635

Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure.  You can donate any amount you want on my FirstGiving site.

For more information on EPP, see:


Thank You,"

Polly Barton Harvard


"Remember.....Research is the key to your cure!"