Gary Eyster’s Donation

Visit Gary Eyster's websiteGary Eyster’s Donation.   Esteemed artist, Gary Eyster, was an APF donor for many years.  Thanks to his good friend and APF member, Ralph Grey, Gary also donated his valuable collection of paintings to the APF upon his death.  Gary was an innovative, abstract expressionist with studios in Wilmington, North Carolina and York, Pennsylvania.  Working until his death in July 2013, Gary never ceased exploring ways to express and fine tune his artistic vision.  Gary’s training spanned the 1950s and 1960s with traditional art education at schools in Philadelphia, Richmond, London, Paris, and Wetzler, Germany.  Striving to break away from habits and routines that can stifle creativity, Gary searched for novel ways to introduce spontaneity and randomness into his artistic process.  This led him to paint with such unusual objects as plungers, squeegees, wide mouth jars and squeeze bottles.  Gary even created a number of works by applying paint and powdered pigments through layers of water to the canvas below.  This unique process also allowed him to pull monotype prints from the surface of the water, creating works that were simultaneously unique and derivative of their larger, canvas progenitors. 


Gary’s works were shown in some of the most prestigious galleries and shows in the world. He chose the APF to hold his works to help people with porphyria.  He also taught young men and women how to achieve the mastery of some of his techniques and was very interested in the Protect the Future (PTF) program to train future porphyria experts.  He understood the great value of present experts sharing their expertise with young doctors as he had shared his talent with young artists. The APF is grateful to Gary for his valuable gift.  If you are interested in viewing and /or purchasing these works, please see the website,  Your purchase will provide funding for the APF PTF and physician education programs. You can also contact the APF to be placed in contact with Ralph Grey, who can assist you with your questions or purchases.