How To Use This Site

How to Use the Website

This page explains how this website is organized and should help you find your way. You can also use the site map (link at the bottom of every page) or our new and improved search function (available at the top left of every page) to find what you’re looking for.

Links on this website are indicated in bold, blue type.


The menu on the left side of each page lists the main sections of this website. Clicking on a section title in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS will take you to the requested area of the website.

Contents of the current section will be displayed in the menu on the left side of the page.

Section content items listed with a black arrow will expand further when selected (e.g., About Porphyria → Diet and Nutrition OR Treatment → Finding a Doctor).

All items appearing in the top or bottom banner or on the left side of the page are available from any page on this website.


Clicking on the American Porphyria Foundation name and logo at the top of any page will take you back to the home page.

You can always call us for help—a  link to our contact information is at the bottom of every page; our toll-free phone number is 1-866-APF-3635 (273-3635).

Essential aids

For physicians, links to the APF Database of Safe & Unsafe Drugs for the Acute Porphyrias and Guidelines for Emergency Physicians appear at the top of each page of the website.
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