King George Letter


You Can Own a Piece of History

$50.00 for US residents
$60.00 for International residents

An APF member purchased a handwritten letter by King George III from a reputable dealer in rare documents. He did this so that other APF members might have a superb replica of the letter as a keepsake.

King George might be your relative since it is now known through scientific studies that King George had porphyria, too. He sat on the English throne for sixty years.

Interestingly, some historians firmly believe that his illness so impacted the English rule of the Colonies that the powerful British troops lost the Revolutionary War.

Included in this package are:

  • A replica of the letter written in George's own hand which is reprinted on high quality paper similar to the original.
  • A transcription of the letter
  • A brief history of King George III and the impact of his porphyria illness on his own life and British rule.

These items are suitable for framing and are enclosed in an attractive folder.

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