Your contribution is important!

Your contribution is important!

Since Porphyria is a rare disorder, your donations are the sole source of support for the APF.


Membership: The suggested annual tax deductible donation for membership is $35.00.

You can also make special contributions:

Memorial or Remembrance Gift honors a loved one or friend as it provides support for vital porphyria research and educational programs.

Protect the Future Fund: The lack of future porphyria specialist is a crisis. There is no special government funding to train new porphyria specialist, so we must do this ourselves. Without financial support, we run the risk of losing knowledge of the disease, quality testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Research projects

Patient and Physician education


All other donations are appreciated.

To make a contribution, please contact the APF TODAY!

1.866.APF.3635 or 713.266.9617



"Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"