Recordati Rare Diseases is launching a new 350mg dosage strength of Panhematin

Recordati Rare Diseases is launching a new 350mg dosage strength of Panhematin.  This is the first significant change to Panhematin since it was approved over 30 years ago.  The prescribing instructions have numerous updates including the removal of the boxed warning, addition of clinical studies section, updates to the adverse events section, and changes to dosing and administration.  The distribution process for Panhematin will stay the same.

The new dosage strength is being launched to better accommodate the current weight of patients and the current dosing of Panhematin in clinical practice.

A new copay assistance program for Panhematin will be available starting in July 2017.  This program can help eligible patients with their copay when they receive Panhematin on an outpatient basis.  Please see the Panhematin website ( for more information.