Kids With EPP Stories


We know growing up with EPP has its challenges. You may have to cover up and look different outside or may be stuck indoors on those hot sunny days but what's important is to know that you aren't alone out there. Many kids, just like you, are dealing with long days finding things to do to dodge the sun and ways to let loose at sun down. Here at Shadow Jumpers, we've developed a section for Kids to hear from people just like YOU! Check back here soon to read some amazing testimonial stories from kids in our EPP community. EPP may be hard, but it's something we continue to tackle together.

Do you want to share your story for other EPP kids? Email us at and we can provide you with the next steps!



Shadow Jumpers Stories:  (Click on the name to read their story)

Mitchell Felts,  Age: 12 

Madelyn Havard, Age: 12

Olivia Donaghy,  Age:12

Ben Edwards,  Age 10

Savannah Fulkerson,  Age 13

Skyler Paris,  Age 17

Cason Cook,  Age ​16

Caul Cook,    Age 14

Ashlynn Napier,    Age: 15