Comprehensive Packets for You and Your Doctor

Below are the components of the comprehensive doctor's packet we send out to your physicians:

  • Annals of Internal Medicine article "Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the Acute Porphyrias"
  • Brochure on Management of Acute Porphyria
  • Panhematin brochure
  • Overview of all porphyrias
  • CME courses brochure
  • Safe unsafe drug list URL
  • Emergency room guidelines
  • Pain letter from expert


Besides, we have a patient packet with the following components:

  • Current newsletter
  • Overview of all porphyrias
  • Panhematin brochure
  • The APF membership info
  • Letter from Desiree Lyon Howe to the patients

All educational materials are written by porphyria specialists.
The APF will gladly send you and your doctor one of these packets complimentary.  
Please contact us at 713.266.9617


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