APF Merchandise


APF Merchandise For Sale!

Our hope is that you all will buy and wear APF merchandise to help promote and raise awareness about the Porphyria’s.  Your purchases & support help make the Comprehensive Doctor Packets, Patient Packets, Letters, among many other publications we make available at no cost.

Amy Chapman is heading up the T-shirt project. For information on how to order the T-Shirts and/or the Porphyria Live Video see below.


Porphyria Live DVD Introduction


Official APF T-shirts, Baseball caps & Wristbands


*The APF will not take orders or calls about T-shirts*

You can order a T-shirt and/or Wristbands/or Porphyria Live DVD by sending an email order to:amy.apf@gmail.com.

Please send an email and include the following:  Full Name, complete mailing address, phone number.

Order: Please send your items that you would like to order by quantity and then size for each T-shirt.  For privacy purposes, please send in the email either the Visa/MC Number Expiry Date and CVV code on the back of your card.  If you prefer I can contact you by phone.  NO CC info is kept on file!


Short sleeve T-Shirts are available in adult sizes only


Gray Long sleeve T-Shirts are Available in Youth sizes only.


Once I receive the order I will ship out your product.  Each person also will receive a receipt of purchase.  Children’s/Youth Gray Long Sleeve T-shirts come in the following sizes S, M, L . The cost for the Youth T-shirts are $20.00 each, this includes shipping.  They are 100% cotton. Heavy fabric and very durable (EPP, XLP, CEP, HCP, VP).  The Adult purple t-shirts are $22.00 each, this includes shipping. sizes are S, M, L, XL, 1XL, 2XL, 3XL. No children's  sizes in purple.

The price of the shirts covers shipping and tracking, and priority mail for US orders.

International orders: I will have to consult first with the post office for shipping rates.


Wristbands with imprinted APF logo~ on them. Available in Purple or Dark Blue with White Lettering, Silicone.
$3.00 each, or 2 for $6.00, this includes shipping & tracking. NO LATEX



Baseball Caps ~ APF Logo $10.00 each (adjustable strap to fit all)


Car or Fridge Magnet~ APF Logo $8.00 each


100% of all funds received will go back to the APF