About Shadow Jumpers

The Shadow Jumpers Project was initiated by member Craig Leppert in partnership with the American Porphyria Foundation. Craig was diagnosed with EPP at a young age and grew a love for overcoming the sun to do anything and everything outside. Defying that outdoor adversity led to Craig and his family to being featured on national programs such as the Dr. Oz Show, Mystery Diagnosis,

ABC News and numerous print publications. Through that spotlight, Craig was able to connect with many EPP patients and hear their stories. It troubled him to see so many people letting the sun and EPP dictate their life. Young people were abandoning thoughts of pursuing dreams, adventures, careers or even relationships out of the fear to what would happen to them. Craig, who graduated from Syracuse University and now resides in Los Angeles, developed the idea of the Shadow Jumpers Project to encourage young people with EPP to overcome the sun to do anything they’ve always wanted to do. Shadow Jumpers will feature information and programs geared toward our youngest members. People with EPP have been jumping from shadow to shadow for years…now we have a place to share that they are not alone!