2019 Pet Calendar Contest



Welcome to the 2019 APF Pet Calendar Contest – YOUR pet can win a coveted spot on this fun and informational calendar! The final 12-month wall calendar will feature your wonderful animals, porphyria facts, tips, and important dates. Voting for the top slots will be held online and will benefit our critical Protect the Future program. Enter your pets – then a link will be created to encourage voting!  Pets are an important part of our lives and provide much-needed unconditional love in tough times. We look forward to showing off your special friends as your photos roll in!!

Here’s how it works:

To Enter (free!):

  • Email a picture of your pet(s) to the APF by October 21st.
    Send to autumnlee@porphyriafoundation.org with the subject heading “APF Pet Calendar”. Make sure to include:  
    - Pet type and name
    - owner name, email, and mailing address**
    - Send a caption, too! (optional)

To Vote:

  • ALL photo entries will be included somewhere in the calendar, though the “top dogs” will be featured on the cover and in each month!
  • Starting October 23rd - Your pet’s photo will be posted on the APF website for all to see. You’ll be able to share the link with family and friends to encourage a vote!  Anyone can participate with a $1+ donation per vote.

Contest page: https://www.firstgiving.com/event/88729/2019-Pet-Calendar-Contest

Example Voting page: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nicole-castellano-Vizslas/2019-Pet-Calendar-Contest


  • You may enter one photo that contains as many of your pets you wish to include. Remember that this photo will be voted on so choose your best!
  • Anyone can enter
  • No professional or copyrighted photos
  • Any type of pet can be submitted; past and present
  • No humans please
  • Photos cannot be photoshopped or professionally edited

Important Dates:

  • Submissions due by October 21st
  • Voting: October 23rd - November 8th
  • Calendars ready for sale and shipping on November 25th!

Thank you to Nicole Castellano for leading this effort for the APF!  Please contact Autumnlee at the APF office with any questions at: autumnlee@porphyriafoundation.org or call (301) 347-7166




Contest Entries

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Mila and Laszlo

It Takes Two to Tango!

Living with porphyria is difficult, but I'm so grateful Mila and Laszlo always know when I need extra love! Their happy energy and unconditional love have pulled me through the rough days more times than I can count!

Please vote for Mila & Laszlo by donating to the American Porphyria Foundation! Winners of the contest will be featured in the 2019 APF Pet Calendar and ALL donations will go toward Physician Education Programs to help diagnosis patients more quickly. Due to it's rarity people can go decades without being diagnosed and without treatment Porphyria can be fatal. There is no cure...YET!
~ Nicole Castellano

Vote for Milah and Laszlo




Chihuahua/ Beagle mix

~Candace Bersosa

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“My sweet boy Luca. He is forever in my heart, and will be forever missed.”

My entry in the contest is my sweet boy Luca who passed away just two weeks ago at the age of 12. He was the most gentle soul I have ever known. He was a pit bull who continually showed everyone he met what a beautiful loving trusting and forgiving breed pitties are.

~ Tracy Nudo

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Jack Russell 

Loved by Laurie Barnes

Vote for Duke




Some days you’re world is just upside down.


Pet type: Recuse kitty

~ Rebekah Gidley

Vote for Rowan



Griffin & Elle

“Snuggle buddies”

Griffin (left black/white kitty) Ellie (right tiger stripe kitty) 

~ Kyle Schmidt

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"Yes ladies, I am available."

~ Catie Lund

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Raven is a 1 year 9month jack Russell terrier mix female. She is also my service animal. When she doesn’t have her working harness on she is a puppy that loves to play. 

~ Tamatha Verch

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Yorkshire Terrier Shih Tzu mix. 

~Sean Albright 

Vote for Max




"Hunting, Fishing & loving every day!"

Breed: Vizsla

This is Baylah our Vizsla she is currently 13 weeks old. 

~ Joy & Bryan Griggs

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Summer & Molly

"Sister Puppies"


Summer and Molly (rescue dogs, no type), current age 6

~ Kristen Wheeden

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Koda, German Shepherd/Malamute

~ Theresa Jurls

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Sallie Sue -Lilley Lou 

"Fur-Sissy's for Life"


(from Left to right)

Sallie Sue - Great Dane Mix

Lilley Lou - Shepard Mix

~ Jenny & J Slough

Vote for Sallie Sue and Lilley Lou