Dr. John Epstein

Dr. John Epstein has been on the faculty at University of California San Francisco for over thirty years. He has authored 260 papers and received numerous awards for his work as a researcher, physician and professor. In 1991 the American Academy of Dermatology honored him with the Master Dermatology Award; in 1990 the Dermatology Foundation bestowed upon him the Clark Finnerud Award; and in 1989 UCSF granted him the Charlotte Baer Clinical Faculty Award. A Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Dr. Epstein specializes in photomedicine, particularly photocarcinogenesis (sun-induced cancer) and other conditions such as porphyria, allergies to the sun and lupus.

He also maintains a private dermatology practice in San Francisco and acts as a consultant to many of the city's hospitals. Dr. Epstein is a Sponsor of several professional societies, including the Dermatology Foundation, the American Dermatological Association and the San Francisco Dermatological Society. He is currently Treasurer of the Space Dermatology Foundation and is working to have dermatological issues studied in space. Dr. Epstein is a former Editor of the Archives of Dermatology and has sat on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In addition, he has served on the board of the American Porphyria Foundation for twenty years.